Polish your videos with effects and music from Epidemic Sound

Is there anything better than the perfect music cue or sound effect?

Music and sound are an integral part of filmmaking. The right score can add value to a scene or surprise the audience – watch every pinprick in Quentin Tarantino’s films, for example. And sound effects are necessary to immerse the audience in the world you want to create. Both work together to please, scare or sadden the audience.

These two elements are some of the greatest theses in any film or television project, and help creators set the mood and create a reality for their viewers. Even the simplest scene can emerge with the right sound!

But as an indie filmmaker or content creator, where can you find affordable, high-quality sound and music that doesn’t bother you with copyright infringement?

Enter Epidemic tone, one of the world’s leading sound effects and music libraries.

Epidemic Sound has over 35,000 songs and 90,000 sound effects all waiting for you to use, royalty-free and released for all platforms worldwide.

How to use Epidemic Sound

A quick look through Epidemic tone‘s eclectic catalog shows you all kinds of music and sound effects, from euphoric hip-hop to elegant acoustics and dreamy beats.

The Epidemic Sound music catalog is tailored to the needs of its users and optimized for control when searching, filtering, browsing and collaborating. Epidemic Sound gives you unlimited access to a constantly updated and easy-to-navigate catalog of top-notch music.

Finding the perfect track for your video is easy. There are curated albums for all kinds of themes and occasions, and you can search and filter by genre, mood, singing, length and tempo.

Use the Find Similar feature if you want more, or hear Epidemic Sound’s recommendations based on your YouTube channel.

All tracks come in stems so you can remove parts of a song that you don’t like. You can easily leave out parts of the tracks to make each song unique.

Check out how easy it is to find and use Epidemic Sound music and effects!

Take part in the short film competition “At the end of the tunnel”!

Now that you know how easy Epidemic Sound is to use, you can find the perfect music and sound for our latest competition. No film school has teamed up with Epidemic Sound to offer you the short film competition “At the end of the tunnel”.

You could win Sony a6000 to shoot your next project, along with up to six months of free access to Epidemic tone‘s amazing library of royalty-free music and sound effects to add that all-important finishing touch.

Epidemic Sound even curated an exclusive album for No Film School users to use in competition. Feel free to draw from these curated tracks or explore the Epidemic Sound catalog on your own!

Visit this post to learn how to enter. We can’t wait to see your short films!

About Epidemic Sound

Epidemic tone was founded in 2009 and was developed to defy the limitations of traditional music licensing. It exists to help content creators and brands easily license soundtracks and sound effects.

The company has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Seoul, with headquarters in Stockholm. They want music to travel the world freely and fairly. They have partnered with asset platforms, social networks and video apps to make the Epidemic Sound catalog available internationally.

Epidemic tone is known for high quality music spanning over 160 genres produced and performed by professional musicians, composers and engineers.

You own all rights to this music, so Epidemic Sound users never have to worry about copyright claims. The music is released for worldwide use, forever.

Epidemic tone has also created a network for its community to promote creative and commercial success. Everyone has access to world class music without complexity.

Epidemic Sound offers three different plans; Personal, Commercial and Corporate. Let’s take a closer look at two of them.

Epidemic Sound plans

Epidemic tone offers flexible pricing plans and options for all types of YouTubers.

Personal plan: The personal subscription is created for the creator who is putting his own content together. This subscription allows non-commercial creators to post videos using Epidemic’s music and sound effects catalog to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and podcasting platforms.

This subscription gives you unlimited access to download and publish content with the music of Epidemic Sound for as long as you are subscribed.

As a personal subscriber, you can link a single YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitch page along with a podcast RSS feed. An additional subscription is required for each additional set of social channels that you wish to use Epidemic Sound content on.

Trading plan: For a creator working on commercial or business projects, the commercial plan is the best option! You get quality music for all of your freelance and internal work.

These sounds and music are shared across all online platforms, digital ads, and unlimited social media marketing.

You have unlimited access to download and use Epidemic music and sound effects in your published content, as well as the ability to sub-license and share content with each of your customers. There are no restrictions on the use of digital ads and social media marketing.

Whatever your level, you can try Epidemic Sound for free for 30 days! With the trial version, you can download and publish as many titles as you want for videos or podcasts. If you cancel your subscription, the content that you published during an active subscription will still be covered.

Take a look at the page for more pricing information.

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