Poco will launch a competitor for the OnePlus agent soon

The OnePlus Nord was launched in India a few days ago in India and the competition does not want to be left behind. At least not Poco, which was once a subsidiary of Xiaomi but is now trying to conquer even more of the world’s largest smartphone markets. For this, a future launch was hinted today on Twitter by one of Poco’s executives, what should we expect?

The tweet was posted today by Angus Ho Ng, product marketing manager at Poco, who says:

‘OnePlus Nord or … wait for the new POCO? ”

And just below I have included a hashtag that says “Poco coming soon”, which can only be a reference to a new device that should be launched later this year to compete with the OnePlus Nord.

The stakes are varied, but one of the alternatives that makes the most sense is to think that the next phone should be based on the Redmi 10X 5G, which also has the new generation of connection and a MediaTek Dimensity 820 processor, which has already proved capable of being faster than the Snapdragon 765 5G that is inside the OnePlus Nord.

This guess makes even more sense if we remember that all of the devices this year that were presented by Poco were actually Redmi devices that received a new name, however nothing prevents the manufacturer from betting on something new from scratch, although it is likely “little” .

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