Plus belle la vie: single woman guilty of a serious accident?

Blanche’s life could explode in Plus belle la vie! Noah accuses him of being the only one responsible for a very serious accident …

“You’re the last person I want to talk to! “The sentence seems violent, but Noé looks very angry… Indeed, Manon has just died in Plus belle la vie. And Blanche might well have regrets …

Because Noah falls into a violent depression. It must also be said that after weeks of unacknowledged love for Manon, he ended up approaching her … and even kissing her. But after a great start, everything stops.

While they manage to put green actions in place together, Noé and Manon find themselves separated. She goes to a demonstration … But More beautiful life separates them definitely: Manon dies.

Noah learns it in front of his TV. Black blocs flooded the demo, and the procession exploded on contact with a police barrier … Manon would then have fallen into the water. The emergency services fished her out, dead.

But Noah seems convinced of something else … His own mother would thus be at the origin of the death of his girlfriend. Big suspense in Plus belle la vie: Blanche’s life could be destroyed!


“It’s because of you that she died … It’s only because of you. But you, you act like, like nothing has happened … “Noah’s accusation against his mother seems very serious.

But the young boy does not dismantle. Even though his mother maintains that he “can’t say that”, he seems determined to blow up his mother-son tandem in Plus belle la vie.

She might oppose him, “you know it’s not true”, so Noah doesn’t want to hear anything… “If you hadn’t blocked me, I would have gone, and by now, she would still be with me… I hate you! ”

Very hard words for Blanche, therefore, who will have to withstand Noah’s violent anger… But he could not stand without her in this hard ordeal. More beautiful life therefore still has surprises in store for us!

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