PlayStation Suspended Ads on Facebook and Instagram

After companies like Coca-Cola, Honda, Ford, Starbucks, Microsoft, PlayStation also joined the companies that decided to stop their ads on Facebook. With this decision, the company will not run ads on Facebook and Instagram throughout July.

Sony joined the #StopHateForProfit campaign that caused many companies on Facebook to cancel their ads with the announcement it made today. Sony will also make PlayStation ads by pulling their social media platforms to this campaign, which has emerged due to hate speech on Facebook and the fact that false information is not blocked by the company.

In order to support the #StopHateForProfit campaign, the company suspended our activity on Facebook and Instagram globally, until the end of July, including advertising and free content. We stand behind working (and playing) for a good cause. ”

Platforms such as Twitter and Twitch have recently started to take important steps to prevent hate speech. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram were the target of criticism by not paying much attention to hate speech and misinformation in community rules.

This policy pursued by Sony was especially welcomed by the people who supported the campaign. Considering that the new consoles PS5 is newly introduced and normally needs regular advertising at this time, the decision not to advertise on the world’s most interactive social media platforms has been interpreted as an extremely important step by users.

Microsoft’s situation is complex

When we look at another console giant Microsoft, things seem complicated. According to Bloomberg’s report, although the company has decided to pause all of its ads on Facebook and Instagram throughout July, it is noteworthy that the company’s agreement with Facebook Gaming continues.

Although many companies like Sony pulled their ads from Facebook companies, the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has no intention of introducing new rules at this point.

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