PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan still believes the future of PSVR

Jim Ryan, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, gave a very interesting interview to The Washington Post and talked a little about the future of PlayStation VR and Virtual Reality technology as a whole.

“I think there are still more than just a few minutes to go before we reach the VR-dominated future,” pondered Jim. “PlayStation believes in VR, and so does Sony. We definitely believe that, at some point in the future, VR will be a big part of interactive entertainment.”

Still, it is waiting to be seated because, although the compatibility between the new PS5 video game and the PSVR remains firm and strong, Jim thinks that it will take a while for the general public to embrace the technology. “Will it be this year? No. Next year? Neither will it. But at some point in the future? We believe so.”

And do you think that there is room for Realide Virtual in the future of video games? Comment below!

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