PlayStation 5 NCC photos emphasize its massive size

Sony’s upcoming console hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy even as fans start counting down the weeks before the PlayStation 5 launches. The design of the console itself was already a point of heated discussion, with some loving it and others mocking it. One thing that may not have been given much attention, however, is the size of the console even after Sony gave the figures. Thankfully, Taiwan’s NCC has published photos of an actual PS5 that really puts that size into perspective.

The PlayStation 5 is huge. In fact, it is believed to be the biggest console yet in modern gaming history. The unorthodox futuristic design may make it look sleek and fashionable but, thanks to that hulking size, owners might find it difficult to squeeze into places.

In fact, owners might be forced to design around the PS5 instead to accommodate its size and form. While other consoles can, in theory, be positioned vertically or horizontally, the PS5’s design seems to dictate its vertical orientation. It is designed to be noticed and perhaps displayed where its predecessors could be tucked away from view.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is set to launch in November but there is already some drama surrounding pre-orders and even production. While Sony refuted rumors that it was cutting down its projected volume due to processor yield issues, Amazon’s pre-order blunder doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in that rollout.

Of course, that’s not going to stop fans on this side of the console wars from jumping immediately on the next-gen gaming machine. The PlayStation 5 will run $500 or $400, the latter for the disc-less Digital Edition, and already has quite a lineup of exclusive titles ready. But while Sony has promised 99% backward compatibility with PS4 games, it probably should be no surprise that there is absolutely no support for older PlayStation titles.

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