PlayStation 5 Most Realistic Concept Interface Design

A YouTube channel shared the most realistic PS5 interface design ever, referencing the PlayStation 5 splash screen. Although the new interface offers a simple design in terms of elements on the screen, it contains much more animation than expected.

Japanese technology giant Sony showed the next generation game console PlayStation 5 for the first time with its online launch event about two months ago. Although we know how the PlayStation 5, whose design has been criticized by some and appreciated by some, will look from the outside, we still do not know what kind of interface we will encounter when we connect it to a monitor or TV.

Statements made by Sony so far have been that with the PlayStation 5, the interface has been completely overhauled and a better user experience will be offered. We also have an image of the opening screen of the PlayStation 5 interface, and this screenshot can be a clue to guess what kind of interface we will encounter.

PlayStation 5 splash screen

The YouTube channel Paulo Manso Animation, who shared an impressive concept interface design for PlayStation 5 in February, updated this design after the PlayStation 5 splash screen appeared and shared a new concept interface design on YouTube.

The new concept shared is based on the PlayStation 5 splash screen directly above and determines all the design details according to this screenshot. Although the number of items on the screen has decreased in the new concept, it is seen that the amount of animation has increased. It is difficult to predict whether Sony will include so many animations in the actual PlayStation 5 interface.

New concept interface design based on the PlayStation 5 splash screen

Concept PlayStation 5 interface design shared in February 2020

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