Piers Morgan final rating for “ Good Morning Britain ” – Deadline

Piers Morgan’s latest release on Hello Great Britain before his sensational resignation was watched by 1.29 million UK viewers on Tuesday.

This could be a record for the ITV show and mean he beat his rival, BBC breakfast, for the first time since its launch in April 2014. Breakfast was seen by 1.25M, according to BARB night figures provided by nights.tv.

Morgan did not leave quietly. The former CNN presenter’s final show in the hot seat was marked by an acrimonious argument with co-host Alex Beresford over his comments on Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Morgan stormed the set live after Beresford called his’ evil behavior ‘and said,’ I’m sorry, but Piers gushes out regularly and we all have to sit there and listen. Six thirty to seven o’clock yesterday was incredibly difficult to watch. Incredibly difficult to watch … He has the ability to come in here and speak from a position where he doesn’t fully understand.

Morgan also clarified the remarks he made about Markle’s sanity. After initially saying on Monday that he did not believe the Duchess of Sussex was having suicidal thoughts, he said on Tuesday: ‘It’s not for me to wonder if she is feeling suicidal, I’m not on her mind and that’s for her to say.

A few hours later, he resigned. The Sun and the Daily Mirror reported that ITV wanted Morgan to apologize for his outburst, even though he refused and walked away. Today he was defiant, tweeting that he was true to his take on Markle.

Monday’s episode of Hello Great Britain, which has been watched by nearly 1.2 million people, is being investigated by UK media regulator Ofcom after prompting more than 40,000 complaints. Mental health charity Mind was among those who raised concerns about Morgan’s comments.

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