PG: Psycho Goreman Movie Review (2021)

In reality, “Psycho Goreman” is neither smart enough nor alive enough to be more than fun on and off, especially given the time spent poking fun at generic, but carefully recreated, tricks. Maybe there’s a more ambitious (or at least rightly) parody amid all the schticky callbacks and cheesy dialogue, but that’s hard to say based on the film’s episodic sketches.

“Psycho Goreman” opens with what looks like a parody of ’80s toy commercials: Brother and sister Luke and Mimi (Owen Myre and Nita-Josée Hanna) play an animated round of Crazyball, with lashes in slow motion, jumps in the air and shredding electric guitar. Mimi, being the more aggressive of the two kids, wins, so Luke has to bury himself alive (ha, kids these days). He begins the process, but quickly stops once he discovers an alien gem from the planet Gigax (sigh), which summons a murderous, potentially lethal creature, who refers to himself by his favorite nickname: “L ‘Archduke of Nightmares’.

Mimi doesn’t like that title though, and since having the Gigaxian Jewel somehow controlling the Archduke, she (and Luke) renames our guy Psycho Goreman (Mimi on this new name: “It’s fun, it’s connected, it’s now, and it’s wow! “). They bond and mingle with PG as we await a clash between him and the religious fanatic / robot angel Pandora (Kristen MacCulloch), Psycho Goreman’s vicious and holier enemy than you. In the meantime, Mimi forces Psycho Goreman to play with her and her brother, which sets up some chintzy backdrops and / or splashy monster fights, none of which are personal, dynamic, or weird enough to be memorable.

Sadly, waiting for something to happen in “Psycho Goreman” is often the hardest part of watching this otherwise sweet parody. There are even a few jokes about the film being aimless, or more specifically: gags that either pull in or interrupt the already loose setup for new developments and confrontations. At the end of a dream sequence, Luke asks Psycho Goreman, “What’s going on now?” at which PG growls: “We are waiting for your dream to end.” There is a long pause as a random group of zombies moan and crawl around the two characters. “Okay,” Luke adds, a whole few seconds before the end of the scene.

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