Peterson: Bitcoin Price $ 11K In Two Weeks

Using the Metcalfe model, Timothy Peterson made an ambitious comment on the Bitcoin price. Peterson announced that the price of Bitcoin, which has been in the range of $ 10,500 – $ 11,000, could be $ 11,000 in two weeks.

Experienced analyst Timothy Peterson announced on Sunday when Bitcoin will rise. After the presidential debate in the USA, Bitcoin price advancing above $ 10,700 continues to test $ 11,000. Timothy Peterson said that this test will be successful within two weeks.

11 thousand dollars interpretation in two weeks

Timothy Peterson expects the Bitcoin price to rise to $ 11,000 by mid-October. But Peterson often emphasizes that he bases this comment on Metcalfe’s law and that his comment should not be taken as investment advice in any way.


The analyst believes that if this comment turns out to be true, the Bitcoin price will continue to rise. The analyst, who gave a period of two weeks for 11 thousand dollars, gave a period of two months for 12 thousand dollars and two years for 37 thousand dollars. Peterson, who made his analysis with the slogan “Bitcoin never looks back”, thinks that Bitcoin will rise gradually and the BTC price will increase almost “one thousand dollars every 50-60 days”.

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