Perfect Guitar Chords | Ed Sheeran

Song Title: Perfect
Artist: Ed Sheeran

Song intro starts with (G) Chord.

I found a (G)love for (Em)me
Darling(C), just dive right in And follow my (D)lead
Well, I found (G)a girl, beautiful(Em) and sweet
I never (C)knew you were the someone waiting for (D)me

‘Cause we were just kids when we (G)fell in love
Not knowing (Em)what it was, I will (C)not give you up (G)this (D)time
Darling, just (G)kiss me slow, your heart is (Em)all I own
And in your (C)eyes, you’re holding (D)mine

Baby(Em), I’m (C)dancing in the (G)dark with you(D) between my (Em)arms
(C)Barefoot on the (G)grass, we’re (D)listenin’ to our (Em)favorite song
When you (C)said you looked a (G)mess, I whispered (D)underneath my (Em)breath
But you (C)heard it, darling(G), you look (D)perfect (G)tonight

Well, I found a (G)woman, stronger than (Em)anyone I know
She shares my (C)dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share (D)her home
I found a (G)love, to carry (Em)more than just my secrets
To carry (C)love, to carry children of our (D)own

We are still kids but we’re so in(G) love
Fighting (Em)against all odds
I know we’ll (C)be alright(G) this (D)time
Darling, just (G)hold my hand
Be my girl, I’ll be(Em) your man
I see my (C)future in your (D)eyes

Baby(Em), I’m (C)dancing in the (G)dark
With(D) you between my (Em)arms
(C)Barefoot on the (G)grass
(D)Listening to our (Em) favorite song
When I (C)saw you in that (G)dress
Looking so (D)beautiful
I (Em)don’t (C)deserve this
Darling(G), you look (D)perfect (G)tonight

Baby(Em), I’m (C)dancing in the (G)dark
With(D) you between my(Em) arms
(C)Barefoot on the (G)grass
(D)Listening to our (Em)favourite song
I have (C)faith in what I (G)see
Now I know(D) I have met an (Em)angel in (C)person
And (G)she looks (D)perfect
I (C)don’t deserve (D)this
You look perfect (G)tonight

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