#PayUpHollywood survey reveals issues exacerbated by coronavirus – Deadline

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is a major advancing obstacle to increased wages and better conditions for Hollywood assistants, a new #PayUpHollywood investigation has revealed.

The annual survey, which was released Monday, shows that nearly 80% of Hollywood assistants earn $ 50,000 or less, which puts them in the “overwhelmed” category in Los Angeles. About 37% of respondents said they rely on friends or family for financial support to cover living costs.

#PayUpHollywood also found that over 50% of assistants who responded to the survey cover their own costs for work-at-home facilities, and 58.67% do not receive any compensation offers for the additional expenses.

“We have seen reports that companies were ending the Covid pandemic on pay cuts for their senior executives while continuing to cut hours, shift work expenses, and increase the workload for assistants and staff. support staff in this industry, if not dismiss them entirely. What steps are studios and companies taking to provide the same protection to their support staff as they do to their top executives? Liz Alper said in a press release.

Co-founded by The recruit Writer-producer Liz Alper, #PayUpHollywood advocates for better working conditions and paying assistants in the entertainment industry.

Check out all the results of the latest #PayUpHollywood survey below.

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