Parineeti Chopra, Amole Gupte and his team take you on a moving and inspiring ride!

Rating of the movie Saina: 3.5 / 5 stars (three and a half stars)

Featured actors: Parineeti Chopra, Meghna Malik, Subhrajyoti Barat, Manav Kaul, Eshan Naqvi, Ankur Vikal

Director: Amole Gupte

Saina movie review: The biopic directed by Parineeti Chopra on Saina Nehwal is a must see (Photo credit – Facebook)

What is good: Even though too many biopics are being made in Bollywood these days, this one turns out to be an engaging and moving watch.

What is bad: In the first half, it’s just too hard not to be emotional. You may feel embarrassed if you cry loudly.

Loo break: In the first part of the second half, if you really can not get rid of it.

Watch or not ?: A BIG YES and watch it with your family

User Rating:

We all know Saina Nehwal but do you know her struggles? Who and what has helped her get to where she is right now? What did she leave behind to make her dream come true? What were the obstacles in her path, her mistakes and what decisions helped her achieve her goals?

Saina Nehwal’s biopic with Parineeti Chopra is a story about it.

Saina movie review
A photo of Parineeti Chopra de Saina (Photo credit – Facebook)

Saina movie review: script analysis

If you are feeling down or down, you should just leave everything and go watch Saina. The movie will not only make you happy, it will also give you back your confidence.

Amole Gupte has a very detailed knowledge of human emotions. He knows how to touch the heart of the public and then melt it like ice cream in summer. His scenario is a magnificent proof of this.

What do we see in an ordinary Hindi biopic? It starts with telling about the person’s life and struggles, and then there is an emotional ending. First there is an accumulation, and then when we see the person finally achieving their goal, we use our tissues.

But here, Amole Gupte does not take this comfortable route. It shows you Saina winning the Commonwealth Games in the first scene only. And it still makes you cry with it! When tears fall from your eyes in the first scene itself, you know the scene is ready and what’s going to happen next. For the entire first half, you’re going to have a hard time keeping yourself from crying.

There are so many simple yet beautiful moments that will touch your heart. The bond of Saina and her parents. The way her mother goes to great lengths to train her in the best possible place, the way her father sees no stopping. Their unconditional love for her and the scenes that portray it are so adorable. Watch out for the scene where Saina’s mom explains how to break the 5 Important S’s during training. The scene where her dad buys her shuttles wholesale and there are so many beautifully written scenes like this.

A major section of the first half is about a young Saina who was played by a child actress. The script is so strong that it binds you even when the main star is away. It doesn’t let you feel like something is missing or that you need a star to fill the screen.

The scenario dives a bit into the first part of the second half but ends up becoming interesting again before a dreamlike end. If the whole movie is a vasool paisa, the ending is like a bonus.

The dialogues of Amitosh Nagpal are magnificent.

Saina Movie Review: Star Performance

Parineeti Chopra is on fire. After The Girl on the Train & Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, this is another great performance from her. She seems to have done a lot of homework before getting into the character of Saina. From learning badminton techniques to knowing the human that the champion is, it was a lot to understand and implement for Pari and she did it all with aplomb.

Manav Kaul is a quintessential actor and the beauty of his craft lies in the ease with which he carries each character. As he plays the role of Saina’s trainer in the movie, he makes you fall in love with him with his performance.

Meghna Malik is great as Saina’s mom. If Parineeti Chopra carries the film on her shoulders, she is its soul. Not to mention the lovely dialogues she delivered, even when she’s only looking at Parineeti, it’s so charming.

Subhrajyoti Barat also plays a very adorable character of Saina’s father. His character has several touching moments and he plays them naturally.

Friend and lover of Saina, Parupalli Kashyap is another endearing character in the film and Eshan Naqvi does him justice. Its charm lies in its simplicity and the actor did a good job playing the part. Even though he must underestimate in almost every scene, he is still effective.

The young actress who plays the young Saina is also brilliant. Ankur Vikal has a small but good character to play. He does well while performing it.

Saina movie review
Saina poster (Photo credit – Facebook)

Saina film review: direction, music

If Amole Gupte is a brilliant writer, he also knows his job as a director. He treats his film like it is and never misses an opportunity to play with your sensitive chords. He made the movie with so much heart and it’s visible because there is so much underlying beauty in every scene that audiences don’t even expect.

Even the junior artists in his movie and that’s the kind of detail he put into the movie.

Also, I loved Piyush Shah’s camera work especially in the scenes where he uses it to express tension during games.

Amaal Malik’s music is very good. Parinda is a very energetic piece well sung by Amaal himself. Main Hoon Na Tere Saath (Amaal) and Chal Wahin Chalein (Shreya Ghoshal) are also magnificent.

Manoj Muntashir wrote Parinda and Chal Wahin Chalein and his lyrics are rich. Kunaal Vermaa also did an amazing job writing Main Hoon Na Tere Saath.

Saina Movie Review: The Last Word

All in all, Saina is all you need to watch this weekend in theaters. It will inspire you, move you and above all entertain you. Dark!

Three and a half stars!

Saina trailer

Saina releases March 26, 2021.

Share with us your viewing experience Saina.

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