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EXCLUSIVE: Paramount players won an auction for Quinceanerx, an original pitch for a musical that Kevin Lima (A crazy movie, Tarzan and Nice to meet you) will direct with a screenplay by Alvaro Garcia Lecuona, who writes what if for Billy Porter to direct to Orion.

Here is the logic of a musical that sounds as original as it is inclusive. Xavier is gender fluent and uses the they / them pronouns. In a world where everyone sees them as men, including their moms, a traditional celebration of femininity like the quinceanera means everything to this 14-year-old girl and cousin who have enlisted to help. Planning in secret, they hatch a mischievous plot to change places and give Xavier the celebration they deserve. The plan is complicated by bothering Latin mothers, teenage crushes, and the arrival of a famous father, and Xavier must decide who they want to be, whether or not the world is ready to accept that answer. The aim is to combine the family drama of Mamma Mia! and the emotional depth of In the heights, in a Gen Z-themed Latin musical about being yourself.

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Lima told Deadline he tends to want to “make every project a musical. I was thinking about the life events that revolve around singing and dancing, and I had heard that the boys wanted to participate in the Quinceanera celebration, and suddenly a concept was born. There was a bidding war, but Paramount Players really wanted a cheerful, multigenerational musical about a 14 year old teen with fluid genres, and now we’re ready to dive into a lot of research and start looking for the right author. -composer.

Pic will be produced by co-CEOs of Twas Entertainment, Lima and Brenda Chapman. Creative Directors are Production Veep Josie Rosen and Creative Director Lexit St. Jacques. Lima, which is in the midst of a first three-year global agreement on 20th century studios and Disney, has the Vacation Limited Series Chriskrindl put on Netflix, for Lima to direct and Bill Kelly (Enchanted) writing with Lima. Lima will also lead Gumshoe Jo at The Disney Channel, with a screenplay by David Sussman (Mystery Science Theater 3000).

Lima has just signed with Ramses Ishak from UTA and Michael Sheresky from UTA after leaving a 25-year relationship with WME, and is headed by David Lonner of the David Lonner firm and attorney by McKuin Frankel. Alvaro Garcia Lecuona is Vision Entertainment and APA.

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