Paramount + Launch date set by ViacomCBS – Deadline

The launch of the renamed Paramount + streaming service has been defined by ViacomCBS.

It will go live in the US on March 4, in the Nordic countries on March 25, and in Australia mid-year.

In Canada, CBS All Access will be renamed Paramount + on March 4, then evolve into an expanded offering later this year.

The deployment is in line with management guidelines in recent months. In addition to the launch dates, the company announced on February 24 that it will preview its streaming plans for Paramount +, Showtime’s OTT service, and free and ad-supported Pluto TV. The overview will be combined with the company’s regular quarterly results report.

Paramount +, in its renowned form, will join a crowded streaming arena and cap the efforts of a company that completed its merger in December 2019. Unlike many of its peers, ViacomCBS has pursued a more profitable and opportunistic approach to streaming. continuously, of the license of films and series. to Netflix and key rights to shows like South Park at HBO Max. A deal struck last year with NBCUniversal sent reputable properties like Yellowstone and The Godfather to the NBCU Peacock streaming service.

Still, the ViacomCBS wallet combines an array of premium and free streaming assets. In addition to Pluto, whose user base has tripled since Viacom acquired it two years ago, a set of ad-supported free properties like CBSN and CBS Sports HQ give Paramount + a reach it lacks. many rivals. In recent months, the company has billed Paramount + for providing subscribers with “live sports, breaking news and a mountain of entertainment.”

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