Panasonic is expanding the 6K color space for the full-format models S1 and S5

Panasonic is expanding the Lumix S1 to include 12-bit RAW support of up to 30 frames per second.

Two years after releasing the Lumix S1 mirrorless camera with 6K video recording, Panasonic announced a firmware update that would add 12-bit RAW support for Up to 30 frames per second come on the flagship camera, together with updates for the S1R and S5.

There is a catch, however. Depending on when users bought their camera, they may have to pay extra for t. payhe privilege.

The upgrade expands the RAW recording options by 5.9K 12-bit full-frame RAW with up to 30 frames per second in 16: 9 widescreen, 4K in cropped APS-C mode of up to 60 frames per second in 17: 9 widescreen and 3.5K with up to 50 frames per second in anamorphic mode.

Other functions that open include the Panasonic S1 and S1R, which receive both the L.ClassicNeo and L.Monochrome S photo styles, as well as the support of Lumix Hybrid Log-Gamma Photo (HLG) as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop.

So far, every photo taken in HLG Photo lost its HDR capabilities when it was in. was imported Photoshop to edit. Adobe has now unlocked these features, but users will need to use an HLF-assisted monitor to view them somewhere other than the camera’s LED screen.

The 12-bit RAW firmware update may be part of Panasonic’s optional upgrade software key purchase program, but that’s not a bad thing. As previously reported, the update also includes support for Blackmagic RAW video output to the Video Assist 12G HDR external video recorder.

The optional software key is priced at $ 200, but new camera purchases include the option at no extra charge. That bites for early adopters, but is great news for those who bought an S5 for $ 1,700, as not only can they compete with the higher-end S1 line for over half the price, but nothing for that either have to pay for an upgrade key to do it.

Panasonic will make the firmware update available to users who have the upgrade software key starting July 12th.

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