“OTT is under a lot of pressure during the opening weekend”

Gary Oldman: Streaming sites take the pressure off opening weekend (Getty Images)

Veteran actor Gary Oldman sees a good thing in the rise of streaming sites. He believes that they have relieved filmmakers.

“With streaming systems, it takes a lot of pressure from the opening weekend because they don’t have to open the same way,” said Oldman, whose new movie “Mank” was released there. has some time on OTT.

“Movies are now being dropped rather than released and two, three or four minutes count as one view. It’s quite another thing, ”added the actor, reports contactmusic.com.

The future of cinemas appears threatened during the pandemic, and Gary admits it would be a “very sad day” if they disappear.

“It will be a very sad day but I come from a different generation. What you don’t really know, you don’t miss. There are so many young people coming now when all of their viewing experience is done on these little machines. It’s the norm and it’s okay with them because that’s all they know, ”said the 62-year-old actor.

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