Oprah Winfrey reveals more about Archie’s skin color remark – Deadline

Oprah Winfrey has joined CBS this morning today to reflect on her explosive interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – and in so doing, sheds more light on one of the conversation’s most shocking revelations: that a member of the royal family has raised questions on the color of their son’s skin.

Markle revealed on the CBS Sunday special that there were “concerns and conversations about the dark. [Archie’s] the skin was going to be when he was born. Prince Harry added: “This conversation, I will never share it. It was embarrassing and I was a little shocked.

He did not identify who was involved in the exchange, but Winfrey told Gayle King that the Duke of Sussex wanted him to understand that it was not Queen Elizabeth II or Prince Philip.

“He wanted to be sure that I knew, and if I had the opportunity to share it, that it wasn’t his grandmother, nor his grandfather who was part of these conversations,” Winfrey said. “He didn’t tell me who was a part of those conversations, as you can see I tried to get that answer, on camera and off.”

Watch Winfrey’s interview here:

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