Oppo AR Glasses 2 promotion date has been announced!

The wearable technology market is trending in 2020, thanks to the huge demand for smart watches and true wireless headphones. Oppo introduced AR glasses by adding innovation to his company last year, and we shared this news with you. Oppo AR Glasses 2 2020 was announced to be introduced at the Oppo Future Technology Conference.

Oppo AR Glasses 2 arriving at 2020 OPPO Future Technology Conference

However, there is a specific niche in this segment that attracts many customers, such as the AR Glasses market. In order to recapture a portion of this market, the company is preparing to launch Oppo AR Glasses 2 on November 17th. 2020 OPPO will hold the Future Technology Conference in Shenzhen. We can call it an annual event where Oppo uncovers some of its latest technological advances. It also reveals future technologies brought by the R&D team and releases them in a way that can appeal to the market.

According to reports, Oppo will be showcasing a full-size FDF portrait video technology at the event. Moreover, it will bring a fully connected color management system and reveal three concept products. Now, the company has announced with its social media account, Weibo, that the second generation of AR glasses will appear at the Future Technology Conference. The promotional poster reveals that the new Oppo AR Glasses 2 will offer its users a comfortable experience. The two lenses are predicted to be a lightweight product with two cameras at the corners. One of the cameras will likely power the AR system.

Oppo AR glasses 1 were introduced last year

The last Oppo Future Technology Conference was held in December 2019. During the event, the company announced its investment in AR Glasses technology and introduced the first AR glass. The first generation Oppo AR Glasses came with four lenses. It launched a ToF lens used for distance measurements and an RGB lens for capturing object shapes, plus two fisheye lenses used for imaging, and glasses.

Oppo AR gözlük 2

According to rumors, the new AR glass will come with depth sensors and spatial MIC arrays. It will use diffracted optical waveguide technology. It will support voice interaction and 3D surround sound. The new wearable device will also have a microphone and physical buttons. It will support gestures and voice commands.

Chen Mingyong, the company’s CEO, announced that Oppo will invest over RMB 50 billion in Research and Development over the next three years. The company also wants to continue the arrival of breakthrough technologies such as AR, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, and even 6G solutions.

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