Olivia Wilde to direct a Marvel / Sony film with a female lead

Actress / Filmmaker Confirmed to Direct and Write New Sony Pictures Spiderverse Project; It all points to Spider-Woman’s film debut.

Actress and director Olivia Wilde has been confirmed to direct and write a new Marvel and Sony Pictures film with a female lead, whose title is currently being kept under wraps, although all indications point to the film debut of Spider-Woman, the superhero Marvel Comics usual of the Spiderverse and the Avengers. This has been exclusively announced by the Deadline medium, to which we must add a cryptic tweet from Olivia Wilde herself reacting to the ad with an emoticon of a spider.

Sony and Marvel’s Spiderverse continues to grow

Beyond the evidence and the mystery that continues to surround this film project, several pieces of information have already been confirmed, including that the script will be written by Olivia Wilde herself with Katie Silberman after her collaboration at Booksmart, while Amy Pascal and Rachel O’Connor will serve as producer and executive producer, respectively.

Olivia Wilde, meanwhile, has participated in numerous films and series as an actress, from Tron Legacy to Dr. House, through The Lazarus Effect or Cowboys & Aliens, in addition to directing the film Booksmart, several music videos or the short Wake Up, among other audiovisual projects. Recently, her name was associated with the possible direction of Captain Marvel 2, although it was finally confirmed to the director Nia DaCosta.

The idea of ​​taking Spider-Woman to the cinema began to sound at the beginning of this year, when Sony Pictures announced a new film of its particular cinematic Spiderverse for 2021, a film that would share the universe with other films such as Venom or the delayed Venom 2 and Morbius and who knows if also as part of the UCM, since Kevin Feige himself, director of Marvel Studios, has already shown his interest in the past in the character of Spider-Woman and the possible connections between universes, as he left us glimpse the Morbius trailer.

Be that as it may, this new spider film is not expected to finally be released in 2021 due to delays in productions due to the current global coronavirus crisis.

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