OKEx: You Will Be Able To Withdraw Your Money

Bitcoin exchange OKEx has been reacting over the suspension of withdrawals since October 16. The events that took place after the founder Star Xu allegedly underwent investigation continue to suffer both the exchange and its users. However, two developments shared today show that positive steps have been taken to open up withdrawals.

OKEx officials have repeatedly stated that users’ cryptocurrencies are safe. Expressing that this problem will be solved in a short time, the Bitcoin exchange OKEx officials really took a concrete step in this regard. In a post shared by OKEx, it is stated that the company has agreed with an external legal counsel to continue withdrawals, which were suspended on October 16.

Why has Bitcoin exchange OKEx suspended transactions?

It is also stated in the statement dated November 6 that OKEx contacted several authorities who had the private keys of the main wallets. It was stated that the decision dated October 16 was taken because the manager of one of the private keys of cold storage wallets with multi-signature technology was in an “inaccessible” position. So this development dated November 6 is absolutely critical.

Bitcoin exchange made a statement on the issue on the OKEx Twitter account. In the statement, it is guaranteed that users can withdraw 100% of their funds after the withdrawals begin. However, a clear date was not given on this subject and it was emphasized that withdrawals will be made when “transactions are opened”.

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