“Of course I was disappointed and we would have liked to win”

Aamir Khan opens up on Lagaan’s Oscar race (Photo credit: IMDb)

Twenty years ago, on that day, history was made when we saw the exit of Lagaan, star of Aamir Khan. Director Ashutosh Gowarikar who hit the big screen was a period drama like no other. The film was lapped by audiences and critics alike. Every aspect of it, from the performances to the sets to the music of AR Rahman, was loved by all.

All this appreciation has not gone unnoticed by the eyes of the world. The film that managed to win hearts in its homeland, conquered the world by being nominated for the Oscars. Lagaan achieved a huge feat with the nomination itself but didn’t come out on top. But that doesn’t affect everyone’s love for the film. Aamir Khan has now decided to talk about his Oscar loss and how he felt then. Read on to find out what Aamir has to say.

Speaking about the fact that Lagaan failed to win the Oscars, Aamir Khan, in a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, said: “A lot of people have asked me this question and they asked, ‘How you disappointed when Lagaan didn’t win? ‘. Of course, I was disappointed, and we would have liked to win. Many people have asked me, “What could you have done differently in Lagaan?” While he could have won. Was it because there were songs? Was it because it was too long? And I’ve told people over the years, which I think people haven’t figured out yet, so maybe you can all explain it to them.

Aamir Khan also shed light on the complexities of even being nominated at an event like the Oscars. “At the Oscars, it’s such a difficult process to be nominated; it is so difficult. If you are nominated, the members of the foreign languages ​​committee, 80% -90% or a huge percentage of them, out of all the films released that year, loved your film. They liked it so much that you are in the Top Five. In Los Angeles, they think if you’re nominated you come and you stand at the finish line. So all of them are equally good. One is told to come and get ahead of the game and he becomes the winner, but the other four are only a step behind. So what we didn’t understand is that the members and all the members of the foreign languages ​​committee really loved our film. Because if they hadn’t liked our film, we wouldn’t have reached the Top Five, ”said the actor from Lagaan.

With that, Aamir Khan also touched on the improvements people then suggested to Lagaan to win the Oscars, but he does not support them. Khan said: “So that means there was nothing wrong with the movie – the songs, the length, the musical aspect, the cricket aspect – whatever was loved by the members and whatnot. ‘is that while he was nominated. So you have to understand that the film was very popular, so you shouldn’t look at it negatively, look at it positively. The fact that you’ve made it to the Top Five is a really big thing. “

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