Noteworthy mosquito and malaria warning from Bill Gates!

Malaria continues to threaten people’s health. This disease, which is transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, is known as malaria disease in the world. Bill Gates, who has been working on the COVID-19 vaccine recently, released a video from his YouTube channel.

Bill Gates warns of malaria and mosquitoes

Malaria, one of the febrile diseases, was detected by the Ancient Egyptians. This psychic, which has been on the agenda of the World Health Organization since 1946, did not go unnoticed by Bill Gates.

In this context, the famous business person, who calls the mosquito “the most dangerous animal in the world”, does not fall off the agenda because it has contributed to the field of health recently.

Mosquitoes bite people every night and millions of people suffer from malaria, Gates said. According to him, children die every day, and most of these deaths occur in poor countries. Malaria is particularly common in underdeveloped regions such as Africa, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Relevant countries with poor health systems are now grappling with the COVID-19 outbreak. Drawing attention to this, Bill Gates shared his thoughts on this subject. If you wish, let’s not extend the word further and leave you alone with the relevant video.

Publishing a statement on this subject on his website, Gates stated that the mask is ineffective against mosquitoes and malaria. What do you think about Gates’ new video? We are waiting your comments.

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