Nobel Prize Winner Roubini: The US Investigates Tether

Nobel Prize-winning economist Nouriel Roubini, known for his criticism of cryptocurrencies, took a hard break on Tether this time, accusing Tether of using counterfeit money to support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Roubini said the US police stepped in by targeting the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange CTO.

Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino became the target of Nouriel Roubini after a post he shared on Tether. Economist Roubini stated that Tether is being used illegally in order to support many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and the police have started to investigate the incident.

“You will soon see a picture similar to the case BitMEX faced.”

What did the Bitfinex CTO write?

Paolo Ardoino demonstrated the growth Tether has seen on Twitter. For example, Ardoino, who stated that they reached 5 billion in 20 days and 19 billion in 9 days, also received negative reactions from users.

“20/02/19: 4 billion
11/03/20: 5 billion (20 days)
26/03/20: 6 billion (15 days)
18/04/20: 7 billion (23 days)
6/05/20: 8 billion (18 days)
25/05/20: 9 billion (19 days)
21/07/20: 10 billion (27 days)
1/08/20: 11 billion (11 days)
13/08/20: 12 billion (12 days)
26/08/20: 13 billion (13 days)
4/09/20: 14 billion (8 days)
16/09/20: 15 billion (12 days)
22/10/20: 16 billion (36 days)
05/11/21: 17 billion (14 days)
17/11/20: 18 billion (13 days)
26/11/20: 19 billion (9 days) ”


There are negative reviews for Tether

Under Ardoino’s Tether share, some users stated that Tether is a scam. While many people say they believe people have been defrauded with Tether, some say, “The US government is after you!” He also made harsh comments like.

Ardoino throws the ball to Bitfinex advisor

“Roubini makes us sad, do something.” said. Hoegner answered Ardoino as follows:

“Haha who cares what he thinks, never mind.”

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