No Vaccines Mandatory in Updated Film and Television Industry Return-to-Work Protocols – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Covid-19 vaccination of actors and crews will not be mandatory on film and television productions as part of the industry’s recently renegotiated return-to-work protocols. “Mandating at this point may be premature,” a source told Deadline. “This subject has been evaded.”

The source noted, however, that cast and crew members should still be vaccinated, “but noting is mandatory.” The new deal is “a fairly straightforward extension” of those scheduled to expire on Friday, the source said.

The original back-to-work agreement was made between the Alliance of Film and Television Producers Management and the Hollywood Union Agreement with Hollywood Unions – SAG-AFTRA, DGA, the IATSE, Teamsters and Basic Crafts – September 21, almost three months. before the first Covid-19 vaccine was given in the United States. Even though vaccines are now widely available, they won’t be mandatory on movies and TVs until at least June 30, when the current extension will expire.

Hollywood unions rack up huge dues losses as pandemic slows

The extension of the current agreement contains all of the provisions of the original, including strictly enforced test patterns, physical distance, Covid-19 compliance officers, diligent use of personal protective equipment and a system of “zone” to ensure that production is tightly controlled based on proximity to actors, who often cannot wear masks or maintain social distancing while working. Union officials observed that these protocols made film sets one of the safest workplaces in America during the pandemic.

Like the old protocols, the newly extended agreement grants workers 10 days of paid sick leave from May 1 to December 10. Those who used the 10 sick days during the term of the old agreement will receive 10 more, but the unused days will be earned. is not in addition to the 10 that are now available.

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