“No time to feel sorry for yourself …”

Kangana urges everyone to get vaccinated against Covid-19 (Photo credit – Facebook)

Actress Kangana Ranaut urged everyone on Wednesday to get vaccinated against Covid-19, in a new video message on Twitter. She added that if we can’t be the solution, neither should we be the problem.

Speaking in Hindi, Kangana said, “The whole world is fighting this pandemic and it has affected everyone, and I feel a lot of people are feeling disheartened. They feel negative and unmotivated. “

Kangana Ranaut added, “I would like to say that now is not the time for self-pity because people who are really struggling with it don’t have time to feel discouraged. For those who think too much, let me tell you that every generation, somewhere, has fought epidemics or pandemics, be it the Spanish flu, tuberculosis or the plague. So why do you think you are special? “

The actress urged everyone to be the solution, not the problem.

“Today, with modernization and travel, the whole world has suddenly been affected, and India’s population is the highest in the world. The freedom we want to enjoy will also have its drawbacks. But becoming a problem in this problem, how smart is it? If we can’t be the solution, neither should we be the problem. We have to help others but, first, help yourself, ”said Kangana Ranaut.

The 34-year-old actress has asked everyone not to contract the virus.

“Remember, you don’t get the virus. Until last year we were hopeless about what would happen with the vaccine, but now we have a vaccine and drugs as well. Doctors say that if you take a vaccine you don’t need to be hospitalized. You could be treated at home, and with mild symptoms the cure rate is 100%. So, is it fair to spread rumors about the vaccine? Kangana continued.

“Many of my staff did not want to be vaccinated, but I made them understand and recorded them. On May 1, I will be vaccinated with my family, staff and friends. Please sign up for the vaccine, don’t feel hopeless, ”said Kangana Ranaut.

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