“No matter what we do, the glass will always be half empty”

Tusshar Kapoor opens up about the downsides of being a star kid (Photo credit – Instagram)

Actor Tusshar Kapoor claims audiences maintain a double standard for star children and strangers.

The actor, who is the son of veteran actor Jeetendra, says he learned from his father’s mistakes.

“Coming from the film industry, you get the first movie very easily. There have been benefits. Being the son of an actor, I learned from his mistakes, his successes and his failures. But I also believe that the kids in the industry are probably judged on different barometers from others on the outside, and whatever we do, the glass will always be half empty.

“For those who come from outside, the glass is always half full, no matter how many mistakes they make. It is unfair in that sense. But ultimately it balances out, ”he told IANS.

However, Tusshar Kapoor feels that the audience has always given him his due.

“I have my due with regard to the public, with their love. They recognized my hard work and returned my due with their love. That’s why I want to be part of the industry, ”he says.

Tusshar Kapoor adds that he has learned to deal with disappointments along the way.

“There were a few disappointments in addition to the success. At first I felt a little dull. But over time, I have learned to accept whatever the industry has to offer in my stride. It’s called growing up. I believe that I grew up here and am able to cope with successes and failures much better now. I was a little disappointed but I didn’t get bogged down. I stood up and walked like a warrior, ”he says.

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