Nintendo Switch Pro may come with Zelda at Christmas

Launched in 2017, the Nintendo Switch is still a huge sales success and does not move in a winning team. That’s why Nintendo may be delaying the launch of a new, more powerful variant of its hybrid console for so long.

However, insiders in the gaming market are betting that there is already a date for the mystery surrounding a more powerful Japanese console to come to an end. The company may be looking to launch the Switch Pro in December. More than 2021.

With figures still very solid for 2020, Nintendo believes that it should not see its gaming device have reduced sales in the coming months. On the contrary, the Christmas festivities and the continuation of the pandemic should be factors that will keep companies focused on entertainment with strong sales.

The insiders bet is that December 2021 may be the chosen date as it will also be when the Big N will put on the market the continuation of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, announced in mid 2019. Some more cautious ones do not believe that the Japanese will be so quick with the launch of the sequel, mainly due to the still very recent announcement (only two years) and the recent availability of a game that works as a prequel to BotW.

On the other hand, whoever puts the chips in this bet points out that the game will be used exactly to boost the launch of the new console model, as happened in 2017, when the Switch and the first Zelda game for the platform were made available.

Another factor that can make Nintendo run to launch the new game is that in 2021 the franchise The Legend of Zelda turns 35. As we saw in 2020, 35 is a number loved by Nintendo, which launched a lot of news on this thirty-fifth anniversary of Mario and company.

It is worth remembering, a game that has been announced for a long time and that is still not expected to be released is Metroid Prime 4. Nintendo has publicly apologized to its consumers after finding that initial prototypes did not meet the desired quality standards. The game even changed the studio.

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