Nintendo posted ‘nude’ image of Mario on Twitter

Through a tweet Nintendo showed Mario as he had never done before, ‘naked’, which caused a surprise on the internet

Nintendo broke the internet again, now for showing an unusual image of Mario, and that is that the classic Japanese character is not wearing his well-known plumber suit, nor is he wearing shoes or his characteristic red cap, the image shows it ‘ naked ‘.

If many imagined that the character would be naked, they are wrong, he is ‘naked’ because the beach deserves it, it is summer and even Mario takes a well-deserved vacation, where he brought out a very curious swimsuit printed with stars, however that was not surprising.

Following this image published by Nintendo, many fans of the brand wonder if it is a clue related to a new video game or is it just an image that refers to summer vacation.

New Mario game? or fun in summer

Of course, so far there are no official confirmations, although Mario fans are beginning to suspect that it is a clue that indicates the development of Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo Switch, to the extent that some take the details of the image very seriously. , like the fact that there are two cups and each one has a colored straw corresponding to Mario and Luigi, so it would be a multiplayer game.

Looking at the image from another perspective, it could be a simple design related to summer, although that idea would turn out to be rather simplistic, although the idea of ​​the new Super Mario Sunshine does not sound bad at all.

It should also be remembered that this year is the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., which is why Nintendo has promised that it will launch several reissued classic games.

Nintendo said it will remaster many classic Mario titles and they would be released for the Switch, prompting fans to think that 1997’s Super Mario 64, 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy, and 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine would be the most likely. to get to the current console.

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