Nintendo 2 Million Followers Influencer ‘Pokemon’ Case

Nintendo has sued a TikTok phenomenon with around 2 million followers. The reason the company sued a content producer was the intellectual property rights of the Pokemon brand. The internet phenomenon got into trouble while trying to sell Pokemon-themed clothing.

Nintendo, one of the well-established names of the video game industry, especially Pokemon and Super Mario Bros. It takes a very aggressive attitude to protect the intellectual property rights of iconic brands like The company, which filed various lawsuits on this issue in the past, added a new one to these cases. A user named Pokeprincxss (username is no longer this) with 1.9 million subscribers on TikTok became the victim of a new Nintendo’s lawsuit.

The influencer called Pokeprincxss is not only TikTok, but also one of the names that frequently broadcast on the Twitch platform. Of course, this popularity made the internet phenomenon want to make more money. As such, Pokeprincxss started selling a variety of Pokemon-themed products by making the username a trademark. However, this situation did not last long because Nintendo, realizing the situation, sued the internet phenomenon.

Pokeprincxss, who made some statements on the subject, says that he does not actually have a bad purpose in his products such as Pokemon-themed t-shirts and sweaters, but everything is mixed up. The internet phenomenon, who said that Nintendo noticed the situation when he contacted him and said that he filed a copyright lawsuit, thinks that Nintendo does not want to be mentioned with anyone.

Pokeprincxss states that in addition to the content creation in Twitch and TikTok, it also has a page on the platform named “OnlyFans”, which has more adult content, and Nintendo may have been disturbed by this. According to Influencera, Nintendo was faced with such a situation because the posts made by a family-friendly company and a model sharing adult content could damage this image.

The internet phenomenon says the biggest reason he decided to sell Nintendo-themed products was his admiration for the company. However, Pokeprincxss states that he does not have the slightest knowledge of the legal conditions of this situation and therefore he will not pretend to be a victim. The creator, who also gave advice to his followers, emphasizes that all the details must be learned carefully before doing this kind of thing.

This incident compared the internet phenomenon with heavy results. Pokeprincxss, above all else, had to change the username it had been using for eight years. This internet phenomenon is now using the username “Digitalprincxss”. It also returned the revenue from Nintendo’s Pokemon-themed products to its legal owner, namely Nintendo.

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