Nicola Peltz will co-direct and star in “Lola James”; Virginia Madsen is also ready – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: The Transformers: Age of Extinction Star Nicola Peltz will co-direct with The Florida project actress Bria Vinaite the independent feature drama film Lola James.

The film, written by Peltz, is set in 2002 in Central America and revolves around 19-year-old Lola James, who struggles to save enough money to get her little brother, Arlo, out of their toxic home. All Lola wants is for Arlo to have a chance in life that she never had. While trying to keep her head above water, she flies into a drug addiction that threatens to consume her. Arlo’s brilliant outlook on life keeps her hopeful – until a tragic night when everyone is uprooted. From that moment, nothing will be the same. The film, we hear, is already in production in Los Angeles.

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Madsen will play Mona, who leads the family with fierce obedience on the wrong side of religion; herself struggling with demons and raised by an abusive mother.

Peltz will play alongside Next to Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen. Peltz is also producing what is her first feature film as a screenwriter, producer and director. Lola james is also the directorial debut of Vinaite. Will McCance produces (Crystal swan) with Ryan Kirby (Four good days) executive producer.

Peltz starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in Michael Bay’s $ 1.1 billion turnover Transformers: Age of Extinction and most recently played in Tunde Johnson’s obituary. She also played the role of Bradley Martin in the hit A&E drama series. Bates Motel. Peltz is replaced by WME, Management 360 and lawyer Robert Benun.

Madsen stars in upcoming Lionsgate movie Devil’s light and also starred in the CW streaming series Swamp thing as well as CBS Elementary with a recurring role on ABC Designated survivor. His credits include Lionsgate’s upcoming title American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story and Road to Capri, Red Riding Hood, The Farmer Astronaut, A Prairie House Companion, Dune, The Haunting and Candyman. Madsen is replaced by Buchwald and Untitled.

Vinaite is replaced by Thirty Three Mangement.

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