Nick Love, Vertigo Create Sky Crime Series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Armored co-creator and The football factory Director Nick Love has set his sights on his latest police adventure – a gangster series for Sky that echoes his 2005 film Danny Dyer Deals.

Deadline learns that Love returns to the world of the 1980s crime wave on Spain’s Costa del Sol for the drama, which is titled A city called malice in an apparent nod to The Jam’s 1982 hit single of the same name.

The project is hosted at Armored and Britannia Producer Vertigo Films and a room of writers have developed the series for Sky, owned by Comcast, although it has yet to be officially lit. The producers hope to shoot this summer.

During the 1980s, the Costa del Sol became known as the Costa del Crime because a colorful array of British gangsters made their home on its sunny shores, thanks to the lack of an extradition treaty between the Kingdom. United and Spain from 1978 to 1985.

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Among the notorious hiding places on the Costa del Sol were Ronnie Knight, the former husband of British actress Barbara Windsor who escaped justice after a £ 6million theft, and Krays business partner Freddie Foreman.

This is familiar territory for Love, who 16 years ago wrote and directed Deals, who played Dyer as a fugitive escaping from Margaret Thatcher’s Britain for the Costa del Sol and found himself embroiled in the work of a drug importation company run by English expatriates.

The Crime Wave also helped inspire Jonathan Glazer’s cult classic. Sexy beast, which starred Ray Winstone as retired gangster Gal Dove, who leads a peaceful existence on the Costa del Sol until the arrival of Ben Kingsley’s Don Logan.

Co-created love Armored starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters and it became a major comeback franchise for Sky. A third season, set in South Africa, premiered last month, while a fourth season is underway. Meanwhile, Vertigo is currently filming Season 3 of Britannia for Sky alongside Neal Street Productions.

Sky declined to comment.

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