Nick Jonas & Kate McKinnon Sing Cult Worthy Frenzy, Murder Documentaries – Deadline

Nick Jonas, Kate McKinnon, Ego Nwodim and others SNL the cast members prove that morbid murder shows and docuseries are good enough to inspire a pop song.

“Murder show, murder show / I’m going to watch a murder show / Netflix, Showtime, HBO and Dateline / I’m going to watch a murder show,” the ladies sang on Saturday night.

The cast members paid tribute to a number of titles featured on streaming and premium platforms, including Mother dead and dear and Crime scene: the disappearance at the Cecil hotel.

Chloe Fineman, Melissa Villasenor and their star mates say they can easily watch dark shows for self-care while doing household chores. She sings about watching a series about “The Bahamas Killings While Folding Pajamas” while McKinnon contemplates watching a detective series while FaceTiming her mom.

From loungewear in their living room to red latex outfits in a red scene, the cast members make the disturbing murders enjoyable and fun.

But as the ladies revel in their “me time” murder, Jonas steps in to remind them that there is more to murder mysteries.

“Have you heard of cult shows, cult shows,” he sings. “Sex cults, death cults.”

Watch the segment below.

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