News from the Bentonville Film Festival; ‘The Holy Game’ and ‘Rockfield’ Release Dates – Deadline

Geena Davis’ organizers Bentonville Film Festival, which advocates for inclusion in all forms of media, will be produced as an annual program by the Arkansas nonprofit BFFoundation. Independent producer Kristin Mann has been named responsible for content.

Bentonville Film Festival

The mission of the organization, which was founded in December and opened offices in Bentonville, AR, is to promote the underrepresented voices of various storytellers. It aims to amplify those who identify as female, non-binary, LGBTQIA +, BIPOC and people with disabilities in entertainment and media.

“Our organization remains dedicated to promoting the inclusion of under-represented storytellers and content creators in the industry,” Davis said during the announcement this week. “We will continue to champion change by supporting work that reflects gender and race equity on both sides of the camera – that enables authentic portrayal of all forms of sexual relationships and orientations, and amplifies voices.” women, LGBTQIA +, BIPOC and people. disabled in entertainment and media. “

Chilean duo ‘The Mole Agent’ share how plot thickened their one-of-a-kind documentary – Film Contenders: the nominees

Davis will chair the Festival, which this year runs August 3-8. Wendy Guerrero, who has been chair of the festival’s programming since its launch in 2015, will take on an additional leadership role as chair of the festival and the BFFoundation, leading its initiatives throughout the year and inclusive programming.

Mann will be responsible for the development and creation of films and television shows with a particular focus on promoting female and under-represented voices on screen as well as behind the camera. She will also be part of the foundation’s advisory board.


The sacred game

“The sacred game”

Gravitas Ventures acquired worldwide rights outside of Canada) The sacred game, directed by Brent Hodge (I’m Chris Farley, Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary). The new documentary, about an officially sanctioned Vatican football tournament for priests, will now bow on cable and digital VOD on June 29.

Gravitas, which is part of this year’s feature-length documentary Oscar hunt with Mole agent, previously published Hodges’ Who let the dogs out in 2019. The sacred game focuses on a soccer tournament, the Clericus Cup, in which young seminary priests from around the world come together to play.

“Brent’s documentary is a fascinating behind-the-curtain glimpse, grappling with controversy and harsh truths, as well as inspiring observations and entertaining anecdotes of the next generation of the priesthood, all in the context of this unique tournament. We look forward to unveiling the film to audiences around the world, ”said Tony Piantedosi, Gravitas vice president of acquisitions.

Piantedosi negotiated the deal with WME.


Abramorama acquired the US rights to Rockfield: the studio on the farm, the story of the first residential recording studio that was used by bands from Black Sabbath and Queen to The Stone Roses, Oasis, Coldplay, Simple Minds, Robert Plant and Manic Street Preachers. It will release Watch Now @ Home starting May 14 and will be available through after its North American premiere on April 29 at Hot Docs.

Vortex Media is released Rockfield on VOD and digital in Canada on June 1.

Director Hannah Berryman’s documentary about the studio in the Welsh countryside is told through decades of behind-the-scenes footage footage and interviews with founders / brothers Kingsley and Charles Ward, Chris Martin of Coldplay, Jim Kerr of Simple Minds and Charlie Burchill, Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Liam Gallagher and others. (See a clip featuring Osbourne below.)

“Rockfield holds a special place in the history of music and Hannah has created a delicious and insightful film full of great stories, great music and fun,” said Abramorama CEO Richard Abramowitz and director of the music Evan Saxon. “We feel lucky to be able to share it with the world.”

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