News from Netflix this week [08/16/2020]

Another week starting, and Netflix, as usual, continues to make changes to its catalog adding even more content.

This week we highlight the debut of the fifth season (part 1) of the Lucifer series, Biohackers and more – there are several series, films and documentaries for all tastes. Check out the next platform updates below!

August 17

  • Bug Hunters: Season 2 (original animation)
  • Islands of Faith
  • A Crazy Task (original Indonesian film)

August 18

  • Nobody wants these in-laws

August 19th

  • DeMarcus Without Filter (original reality show)
  • GDLK (original documentary)

August 20th

  • Biohackers (original German series)
  • Family Crimes (original Argentine film)
  • Great Pretender (original anime)
  • John looking for aliens (original documentary)

August 21

  • Alien TV (original children’s series)
  • Dark Fire (original Mexican series)
  • Hoops (original adult animation)
  • Lucifer: season 5, part 1 (original season)
  • Mission Pajamas (original film)
  • Rust Valley Restorers: Season 3
  • Tammy: Out of Control
  • Class of 83 (original Indian film)
  • Removed
  • Cinderella 3D
  • Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge
  • Hide and Seek
  • Dhanak
  • Thematic specials of the Monica group (6 eps.)
  • Bad Rap
  • Unacknowledged

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