New trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 movie released

A new trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 by Patty Jenkins has been released, starring Gal Gadot. The movie will be released on October 2.

Wonder Woman, one of the most beloved characters of DC Comics, has become one of the most important characters of DC in the world of cinema with her solo movie that was released in 2017, and the misperception that films focusing on female superheroes will not attract viewers by reaching $ 821 million worldwide. destroyed. Wonder Woman, who became the leading character of the DC Cinematic Universe with this success she caught in her first solo movie, will return to the big screen this year with a sequel.

WarnerMedia, organizing an online event called DC FanDome to promote all of its DC-related works and share its future plans for the DC Cinematic Universe, dedicated the first panel of this giant event to Wonder Woman 1984. In the panel where new details about Wonder Woman’s highly anticipated sequel were shared, a new trailer of the movie was also released.

The director of Wonder Woman 1984 sits Patty Jenkins, who also directed the first movie. In addition to Patty Jenkins, the screenplay of the film is signed by Dave Callaham, the screenwriter of Godzilla, and Geoff Johns, one of the leading names in the comic book world.

Wonder Woman will be released on October 2, 1984

Alongside Gal Gadot returning as Wonder Woman, Chris Pine also stars as Steve Trevor in the first film. How Steve Trevor will return in this movie set years after the first movie remains a matter of concern.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are starring in the film, starring Kristen Wiig and Pedro Pascal. Kristen Wiig gives life to Cheetah, one of the most important villains of the Wonder Woman comics, while Pedro Pascal portrays Maxwell Lord, who is thought to be the real villain of the movie.

Judging by Patty Jenkins’ earlier descriptions, Wonder Woman 1984 will not have a structure that ties into the main story in terms of the DC Cinematic Universe. As the name suggests, the film, which will take viewers to the past, will tell an individual story that is unaffected by what happens in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The new Wonder Woman movie, which is planned to be released on June 5 before the coronavirus epidemic, but was delayed due to the epidemic, will be released on October 2.

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