New POTUS Becomes Full Chief Unifier in Primetime – Deadline

Solemn but robust Joe Biden took to the airwaves this evening in his first prime-time presidential address to tell an America divided and battered by the coronavirus that help is really on its way with vaccines and financial assistance. Barely 50 days in office, Biden’s carefully crafted speech also proved to be a consistent but stark contrast to his predecessor in both style and substance.

“A year ago we were struck by a virus that was greeted in silence and spread without control,” President Biden began in remarks that never mentioned Donald Trump by name , “Refusals for days, weeks, then months. This led to more deaths.

Covered on all broadcast networks, cable reporters and even Newsmax and OAN, the speech of just over 20 minutes from the East Room of the White House, like much of Biden’s new presidency, was ripped straight from Ronald Reagan’s playbook with a 21st century modification. Or as CNN’s Anderson Cooper put it after Ernest Hemingway’s speech quoting and at times almost whispering Biden: “There was a sort of grandfather approach to his presentation.”

Joe Biden signs $ 1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief package; He plans to announce that all Americans will be eligible for the Covid vaccine by May 1

Indeed, there was a lot of Uncle Joe’s there tonight, and for the most part it was a flawless performance that went from the Grieving Commander to the Great Unifier.

“I need you, I need every American to do their part, that’s not hyperbole, I need you,” said the president, almost leaning over the podium and watching deep into the camera.

“If we do our part, if we do it together, by July 4th there is a good chance that you, your family and friends can get together in your backyard or neighborhood and have a barbecue or barbecue. and celebrate independence day, ”Biden added, at one point looking a bit like fictional POTUS Thomas Whitmore. “After this long difficult year, it will make this Independence Day something really special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.”

“How, after a long dark year, a whole year, there is hope and light and better days to come,” Biden added, concluding with a summit of reopened schools, economic growth and vaccinations.

“My fervent prayer for our country is that after all that we have been through, we will come together, as one people, one nation, one America,” Biden said, leaving his days as vice president far behind in as the best dog. “I believe we can and we will. We seize this moment and this history, I believe we will save it, we have faced and overcome one of the most difficult and dark times in the history of this nation… I promise you we will come out stronger with renewed faith in ourselves and a new commitment to each other, to our communities, to our country

Again, contrary to what the 40th POTUS would have said, the first part of the speech of the 46th POTUS was a message to Republicans and independents who are suspicious of the government, a precarious situation at a time when convincing a large part of the public to stand by. immunization is necessary. for collective immunity. “We must remember that the government is not a foreign force in a distant capital; it’s us, all of us, us the people, ”Biden said echoing FDR and JFK.

The specific seizure of the moment is that the $ 1.9 trillion American Rescue Act is now the law of the land and cases of Covid-19 appear to have leveled off. Plus, with over 1,500 Americans still dying every day, Biden knows he has strong general approval for his actions. Halfway through the first 100 days of his administration and holding a big legislative victory that he signed on Thursday and will hit the road next week, the president clearly wants to catch the rising tide of the 77% of Americans who feel the worst of the pandemic. is behind us.

“If that fails, I admit it failed, but it won’t,” a provocative Biden said of the ARA, wide and fat, towards the end of his speech, leaving the staff at the Uncle Joe swipe just a second to show the politician of steel he is and has long been.

To that end, Biden’s first news in the speech – that he would order states to make vaccines available to all adults by May 1 – is also consistent with how his team approached their response to the pandemic: don’t make excessive promises. . As it stands, vaccinations are becoming more widely available and vaccination rates have skyrocketed.

Taking full advantage of his audience and his bully chair, Biden has firmly denounced the rise of vicious hate attacks “against Asian Americans in language the nation has not heard from a president in years. . “Many of them are fellow Americans, are on the front lines of this pandemic trying to save lives – and are still forced to live in fear for their lives as they walk the streets of America,” Biden said. . “That’s wrong. It’s not American. And it has to stop.

Not that there were no violent beatings from sources expected tonight

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson opened his show by saying they would go live in the East Room, but still said he found it “strange” that the White House would choose this date, the anniversary of the lockdowns, as a date. time to ‘celebrate. It was now a typical Carlson shiv on the Democrat. While Biden’s team has spent a lot of time preparing for prime time for the moment, the White House has never suggested that the president’s speech would be a moment of jubilation.

Biden’s speech tonight comes exactly one year after the WHO officially declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the NBA ended their season, and as Deadline exclusively reported, Tom Hank tested positive for disease.

Devoid of insults and bait, the 46th POTUS’s live remarks on Thursday contrasted sharply with the error-filled and otherwise disastrous speech on the coronavirus by his predecessor on March 11, 2020. A visibly uncomfortable and typically xenophobic Donald Trump bent over on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and sought to downplay the pandemic with travel restrictions and false assurances that his administration would institute “the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to deal with a foreign virus in history. modern”.

It certainly wasn’t, with nearly 530,000 Americans dead to date and a shattered economy. It is an America that has seen the FNC devour the former Celebrity Apprentice losing his candidacy for re-election due in large part to his failure to deal with the pandemic.

At times using relevant props like a mask to get his point across, the famously empathetic Biden aimed at his critics and rivals in coded language that might even have made the Great Communicator proud. “National unity is not just how politicians vote in Washington or what the loudest voices say on cable or online, unity is what we do together as fellow Americans.

Of course, Fox News poured partisan hot wax in real-time with a lower third of the screen reading both hilariously and sadly: BIDEN SPEECH NEAR END; TUCKER WILL ANSWER.

And respond to the host in prime time, but not consistently.

Carlson told his viewers that he found Biden’s address “strange” and “surreal.” He added: “It looked a bit like a dream streak.”

Missing the moment for everyone but his target audience, the FNC host then criticized the speech further, apparently because he trusted the vaccines too much and didn’t address those who did not want to be vaccinated. . Then, in a flash of Fox-esque outrage, Carlson slammed Biden for telling Americans how they could get through July 4 – which was actually not what the president had said minutes before.

Still Carlson took the relatively high route compared to his conservative cable rivals on Newsmax.
Dick Morris’s post-game analysis was water torture of Biden not giving Trump credit for the vaccine. “It’s the rooster that takes credit for the dawn,” joked the former Bill Clinton braintrust.

No, it’s Joe Biden’s war to be waged now, and tonight he sounded like a winner.

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