New low cost Full HD wireless security cameras launched

Amazon officially announced today the official launch of two new smart and wireless home security cameras from the Blink line, namely Blink Outdoor and Indoor, with solutions that promise to please its users.

Powered by two AA lithium batteries, which can guarantee autonomy of these cameras for up to 2 years in normal use, thus allowing their maintenance to be simple and practical, in addition to being completely wireless.

According to the company, the cameras arrive with a new design and offer as differentials the possibility of capturing images in Full HD (1080p), infrared night vision, ability to detect movement and bidirectional audio.

In addition, Amazon has also confirmed a battery expansion pack, which promises to double the autonomy of the new cameras, making it stay up to four years without the need to change batteries.

“For Blink, providing peace of mind and exciting new products to our customers is everything,” said Mike Harris, Blink’s General Manager. “While Blink’s external and internal cameras include many of the innovative features that our customers have come to love and expect – like a powerful two-year battery – we now offer more options and customizations than ever before. From new features like privacy zones to a new battery expansion pack that provides up to two additional years of battery power, we are excited to deliver our new cameras to our customers. ”

Speaking specifically of the storage of the captured images, the Blink line offers the possibility of making the records in local files as well as in Amazon’s own cloud server, including a trial period until the end of the year for consumers, with subsequent contracting that it can be $ 3 for just one camera or $ 10 for an unlimited amount at the same location.

Another important point to mention is that Amazon Blink cameras have the obvious compatibility with Alexa, allowing their users to command through compatible devices and follow in real time through the command “Alexa, show me the camera”, with live streaming on Echo Show, Fire TV or Fire Tablet.

Pricing and availability

Now available in pre-order, the Blind Indoor and Outdoor cameras have suggested prices of US $ 79.99 (~ R $ 429) and US $ 99.99 (~ R $ 536), at least for now being offered in the United States and Canada both on the official website and in the partnerships.

The battery had not yet confirmed when it will be made available or the price that will be charged, and should be revealed later that year.

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