New iPad Pro is taken to the extreme in durability test

You may remember the tragic outcome involving the first iPad Pro, when it ended up in the hands of the JerryRigEverything channel. Its design, although beautiful, needed care so that the product was not easily damaged. And what happened at the time was a total catastrophe.

Did Apple redeem itself with the second generation of the product? Well, that is the question that the same channel tries to answer by testing the new model. Even the poor Magic Keyboard …

Starting with the typical pressure test on the screen, curiously the display reacted to touches with the scratch pen, but it was only damaged even with the tip 7, which is generally a good result, showing care with protections on this display. It means to say that coins or other objects tend not to scratch the product so easily, for example, when everything is thrown in a backpack.

As expected, sides built in aluminum usually mean easy wear by the stylus of the youtuber. And it was no different here: even the buttons were easily worn with the product.

The protection of the cameras seems robust, and in general it is: with the stylus it was difficult to damage the protection, but with the more pointed pens it was possible to damage the protective glass.

With the rear, the same problem: the aluminum construction allowed the youtuber to easily draw an eagle with his stylus.

As expected from the display, fire contact generates temporary damage for a few seconds. The display was easily able to recover, but when it comes to folding the device …

Well, it seems that Apple continued to sin in making its iPad Pro less susceptible to folds. It was not difficult for the channel to break the tablet with a simple pressure on the back, which immediately not only caused cracking on the screen, but also loss of image. When pressure is applied from the display, more shrapnel and permanent damage to the rear. The product was unusable.

Of course, this test aims to take the product to the extreme, but the goal is to show if the construction and protection of a device is robust so that it takes a long time to present problems. For example, a display that is easily damaged tends to show scratches and marks on the screen more quickly, due to the slight daily carelessness.

The iPad Pro, in any case, is still a great product for productivity, and should soon receive professional software versions of Apple. But well, it has its weaknesses, so it’s good to load it carefully!

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