New Batman teasers confirm setting and villains

WB Games Montreal releases more teasers for their next Batman game that seemingly confirm the villains and setting

For the past week, WB Games Montreal has been releasing teasers for their new Batman game, which will be officially revealed on Saturday, August 22 on the DC FanDome. Now the teasers have culminated in a new trailer that appears to confirm its setting, as well as footage that seemingly confirms Court of Owls as the game’s main group of villains.

Earlier this morning, the r3dakt3d Twitter account tweeted an image of a dial with an owl insignia in the center, strongly suggesting that WB Games Montreal’s new Batman game will indeed feature the Court of Owls as rumored over the years. months. The tweet was actually a puzzle that led fans to the first proper trailer for WB Games Montreal’s Batman, seemingly confirming the scenario.

The Batman game trailer shows a map of what appears to be Gotham City, coinciding with previous reports that the new game will feature an open-world Gotham similar to Arkham Knight. The map of Gotham City is displayed on a device that is in a kind of engine room with large gears, which could be a clock tower. Perhaps this is a clue to where Court of Owls is hiding in the new Batman game, although that’s just speculation at this point.

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Other teasers for the new Batman game have hinted that Court of Owls won’t be the only villains players will encounter. Court of Owls killers, called Talons, will apparently be a part of the new game as well, with Two-Face rumored to play a role as well. If previous Batman: Arkham games are any indication, then it is highly likely that other members of Batman’s rogues gallery will also appear in the new game.

As for playable characters, the persistent rumor is that the new Batman game will have a playable Bat-Family, with Batgirl highlighted as a distinct possibility. Some of the trailers have pointed directly to Batgirl in the new game, so it wouldn’t be surprising if that was announced on the DC FanDome on August 22.

WB Games Montreal has been teasing the new Batman game for a considerable amount of time, so it will likely be a relief to fans when the game is finally revealed on the DC FanDome. In the meantime, fans can tune in to check out other DC Comics video game projects, like Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game, as well as a few potential surprises from other studios.

Batman is rumored to be in development for unspecified platforms.

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