Netflix’s King Lucifer is Back for Season 5

The first 8 episodes of Lucifer’s 5th season, which is by far the most popular series on Netflix, were broadcast on Friday. The production managed to reach the top in many countries after the first day.

Lucifer, one of the characters whose comic books were published in DC, later became the subject of a television series. When Hell’s Master was “bored” with his job, he decided to take a short vacation in Los Angeles, and then things got mixed up.

The production, which was later canceled, was bought by Netflix after intense pressure from followers. The production took the summit once again in its new season, showing that one of the best decisions the firm has made is to save Lucifer.

Lucifer at the top in many countries

Lucifer, whose first 8 episodes of its new season aired last Friday, managed to reach the summit in many different regions, including our country. The production, which also reached its peak in the USA, also removed the Legend of Korra and Project Power from their top places.

The production this season has a slightly different structure and we generally feel that the story is moving towards an end. While the season, which has only been published in half, is generally appreciated, the character of Michael adds a different color to the series.

With the inclusion of the character Michael, who is also in the comics, the struggle of the divine powers becomes even more complex, and the questions of how the Lord of Hell will make a comeback after the 4th season are also answered.

Lucifer makes everyone happy

When we look at the reactions of the production in general, we see that RottenTomatoes of the last season of the series received a score of 86% in the initial evaluations. While the previous three seasons of the series were 100%, the first season remained at 49%.

Although the decision they made was a great loss for FOX, which would cancel the production early, the 5th season of the series seems to have satisfied everyone involved. Netflix won a huge drama as the players continued to get contracts. The audience also got more episodes to watch. What do you think about the series?

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