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Camp Crip, the Netflix documentary about a unique summer camp for children with disabilities and its role in the disability rights movement, won Best Feature Film at the IDA Awards from the International Documentary Association, in Something Upset .

The film directed by Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht (the latter attended titular camp as a teenager) also won the ABC News VideoSource Award, recognizing its skillful use of archival video from the 1970s to the 1990s.

“I want to thank everyone at Camp Jened, the staff, counselors and campers,” said LeBrecht moved as he, Newnham and producer Sara Bolder accepted the award. “My life turned a corner when I was there and you guys are all responsible for it – you are such a part of this award.”

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Newnham added, “The hippie teens and counselors at Camp Jened could never have imagined the far-reaching impact their brief utopian community would come to have on the civil rights of people with disabilities around the world. But they dared to imagine that a better and more inclusive world was possible. And we thought that an immersive story told by the community, a film of their history, could help to continue their work.

Newnham thanked executive producers Barack and Michelle Obama, among others. The first lady’s former president and production company Higher Ground produced Camp Crip.

Step into the night, Amazon Studios’ Time was the favorite for Best Feature, having won numerous pre-Oscar awards, including the Gotham Award for Best Documentary (tied with A thousand cuts). But Time, directed by Garrett Bradley, didn’t leave the IDA Awards empty-handed. Bradley was named Best Director and she also won the previously announced Emerging Filmmaker Award.

Bradley shouted at the family whose story she tells in the movie: Sibil Fox Richardson (known as Fox Rich) and her husband Rob. Time explores Fox Rich’s two-decade effort to secure the release of Rob, who was sentenced to 60 years in prison for armed robbery.

“It has been such a privilege and an honor to work with Fox and Rob and Miss Peggy and the entire Richardson family,” Bradley noted, “in bringing their love story to the world, which transcends all time and space. “

Time may still rally in time for the Oscars. The IDA Awards have proven to be an uncertain indicator of the success of the Oscars. At the latest IDA awards ceremony For Sama won the IDA Best Feature Film award, but American factory, from Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions, won the Oscar. In fact, in the past five years, the winner of IDA’s Best Documentary has only won the Oscar statuette once. JO: Made in America.

In another win for Netflix, the streamer’s short John was trying to contact aliens, won the IDA award for best short film. Director Matthew Killip agreed for his story of an electronics enthusiast who built a massive radio transmission operation in his home in the 1970s, in hopes of communicating with aliens.

“It’s really a story of connection and love,” Killip observed in his acceptance remarks. “I’m so happy he found an audience.”

The Netflix doc Dick Johnson is dead, directed by Kirsten Johnson, won two awards on the evening, for best editing and best writing. The Netflix series Last Chance U won Best Episodic Series.

The IDA prize for best musical documentary was awarded to Universe, directed by Nicholas Capezzera and Sam Osborn, a film about an unrecorded piece of music by Miles Davis.

American experience, the long-running historic PBS series, won Best Curated Series over another PBS contender American masters and three other nominees.

Best Multipart Documentary went to HBO series Missing and Murdered Atlanta: Lost Children. Among the directors and executive producers of the show is Sam Pollard, who received the IDA Career Award. His documentary MLK / FBI was also nominated for best feature film.

Check out the full list of winners below:

Best feature

Camp Crip (USA / Netflix. Directors and Producers: Nicole Newnham and Jim LeBrecht. Producer: Sara Bolder)

Best director

Garrett Bradley (Time. United States / Amazon Studios, Concordia Studio, The New York Times)

Best short film

John was trying to contact aliens (USA / Netflix. Director and producer: Matthew Killip)

Best Organized Series

American experience (USA / PBS. Executive Producers: Susan Bellows and Mark Samels)

Best Episodic Series

Last chance u (USA / Netflix. Director and Executive Producer: Greg Whiteley. Executive Producers: Joe
LaBracio, James D. Stern, Lucas Smith, Andrew Fried, Dane Lillegard)

Best Multipart Documentary

Atlanta Missing and Murdered: Lost Children (USA / HBO. Directors and Executive Producers: Sam Pollard, Maro Chermayeff, Joshua Bennett, Jeff Dupré. Executive Producers: John Legend, Mike Jackson, Ty Stiklorious, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller)

Best Short Form Series

POV shorts (USA / PBS. Producer: Opal H. Bennett. Executive Producers: Justine Nagan, Chris White)

Best Audio Documentary

somebody (United States / Topic Studios, The Intercept, the Invisible Institute and iHeartRadio, in association with Tenderfoot TV. Reporters and producers: Alison Flowers, Bill Healy and Sarah Geis. Host: Shapearl Wells. Reporters: Sam Stecklow, Nguyen, Kahari Blackburn, Rajiv Sinclair, Henri Adams, Matilda Vojak, Dana Brozost-Kelleher, Frances McDonald, Diana Akmajian, Andrew Fan and Maddie Anderson. Associate Producer: Ellen Glover. Executive Producers: Jamie Kalven, Maria Zuckerman, Christy Gressman, Leital Molad)

Best Musical Documentary

Universe (United States. Directors: Sam Osborn and Nicholas Capezzera. Producers: Esther Dere and Leah Natasha Thomas)

David L. Wolper Student Documentary Award

People like me (USA / University of California, Santa Cruz. Director / Producer: Marrok Sedgwick, Co-editor: Jackson Patrick-Sternin)

Best photography

The earth is blue like an orange (Ukraine, Lithuania. Director of photography: Viacheslav Tsvietkov)

Best Editing

Dick Johnson is dead (USA / Netflix. Publisher: Nels Bangerter)

Better writing

Dick Johnson is dead (USA / Netflix. Writers: Nels Bangerter and Kirsten Johnson)

Best musical score

My octopus teacher (USA / Netflix. Composer: Kevin Smuts)

ABC News VideoSource Award

Camp Crip (USA / Netflix. Directors / Producers: Nicole Newnham, Jim LeBrecht. Producer: Sara Bolder)

Pare Lorentz Prize

My octopus teacher (United States / Netflix)
Director: Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed
Producer: Craig Foster

Camp Crip (United States / Netflix)
Directors / Producers: Nicole Newnham, Jim LeBrecht
Producer: Sara Bolder

Honor Award

Amicus Prize
Regina K. Scully

Career Excellence Award
Sam Pollard (MLK / FBI)

Courage Under Fire Award
David France, David Isteev and Olga Baranova (Welcome to Chechnya)

Emerging Documentary Filmmaker Award
Garrett Bradley (Time)

Pioneer Award
Firelight Media

Price of Truth to Power
Maria Ressa and Rappler (A thousand cuts)

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