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Minkyu Lee’s world of witchcraft and metamorphosis will take center stage The wizard boy, Netflix’s latest animated musical feature film.

Originally from Oscar nominees Adam and dog director and based on the New York Times hit novel series of the same name by Molly Knox Osterag, The wizard boy takes place in a secret, magical community where girls are born to be witches and boys become shapeshifters. Lee’s protagonist, Aster, is surprised to discover her emerging witch-making powers. But when a mysterious force puts his world in danger, he must embark on a journey to learn the truth behind him, his powers, and all the magic that surrounds him.

The wizard boy will also feature the original music of the Grammy-nominated sister trio Haim. Maria Melnik is writing the screenplay with Roy Lee, Miri Yoon and Ryan Harris. Vertigo Entertainment produces the functionality and versions of Netflix.

“I have always dreamed of creating an animated film that advances the medium, both in its content and in its form. The connection between this dream, my experiences and the story of Aster and Juniper is what draws me to this film every day, ”said Lee. “I’m grateful to create this with the wonderful team at Netflix. I hope this film, by celebrating queerness and “otherness”, reaches audiences around the world as something really special. “

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