Netflix to open new Nordic hub in Sweden as European growth continues – Deadline

Netflix has revealed plans to open a new office in Stockholm that will serve as a hub for the region.

The office will open in the second half of this year, as detailed in a new blog post from Lina Brouneus, director of acquisitions and co-productions for streamer, EMEA.

Netflix now has European offices in Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin, London, Paris and Brussels, while Rome (and Istanbul) will open later this year. The streamer recently revealed a new office in Bogota, Colombia to boot.

Brouneus said: “The time has come for us to get even closer to our members, creators, filmmakers, partners and cultural communities in the Nordic countries – which is why I am delighted to report that in the second semester of this year, we’re reopening a Nordic office in Stockholm which will serve as a hub for the region. To further support the region and reflect the diversity of talent we work with, we will also have a small team of Netflix employees based in a satellite office in Copenhagen. “

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An interesting nugget revealed in today’s blog, which indicates the ever-growing appetite for global content among Netflix subscribers, is that “almost two-thirds of our members around the world have chosen to watch a movie or Nordic original series ”.

Brouneus continued, “Netflix has always felt at home in the Nordic countries. It was one of the first places outside of the United States where we started doing local original shows, and over the past nine years we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the brightest creative talents in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland.

“By the end of this year, nearly seventy original titles from the Nordic countries will be available on Netflix – movies and series that have been enjoyed by the region’s four million members as well as our members around the world. . In fact, almost two-thirds of our members around the world have chosen to watch an original Nordic movie or series – made in the Nordic countries, watched by the world. “

Netflix content originating from the region includes Swedish series such as Quicksands, Love and anarchy and Snabba Cash; Norwegian series Ragnarok and Home for Christmas; three seasons of The rain and the recently announced series The chestnut man in Denmark, and later this year Katla, Iceland’s sci-fi thriller series.

Last year the studio released Corpse, the region’s first Netflix film, and upcoming films include Dance of the queens, Vinterviken, Against the ice, Troll and Black crab.

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