Netflix is removing a content due to a request!

Netflix is ​​currently on the agenda with its record-breaking series. With 62 million views in its first month, The Queen’s Gambit has become one of Netflix’s most watched TV series to date. The series, starring Anya Taylor-Joy, rose to the top of the Top 10 list in 63 countries. The popular mini-series also received full points from the critics. After that, another news came; Netflix has decided to remove a content.

Netflix’s decision to remove content: Chappelle’s Show

Netflix decided to remove the Chappelle’s Show following a request directly from Dave Chappelle. The comedy show, more recently added to the Netflix library on November 1, will be removed as Chappelle announced on Instagram.

Saying that he called Netflix officials in the post, Chappelle stated that he felt bad and demanded the content be removed. ViacomCBS acquired the broadcast rights to the content, and Chappelle does not own the rights to the broadcast, so no royalties are paid. At this point, the name that criticizes the publishers is making a new move. Chappelle also asks viewers and fans not to watch Chappelle’s Show, which was not removed on Comedy Central, CBS, and HBO Max.

Let’s look at this call of the famous name, who said to be boycotted, how will it respond?

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