Netflix is ​​adding video games to its subscription services

You should be pretty excited to be streaming playable games into your home.

Netflix keeps questioning the way we look at traditional streamers. They innovated the system and now they are adding games to the platform and changing the game again.

Netflix has broadcast Letter to Investors where they stated their intentions.

The game section states, “We are also in the early stages of further expansion into games, building on our earlier interactivity efforts (e.g. Black mirror band snatch) and our Strange things Games. We consider games to be another new category of content for us, much like our expansion into original movies, animation, and unscripted television. Games are included in members’ Netflix subscription at no additional cost, similar to movies and series. For now, we will mainly focus on games for mobile devices. As always, we’re excited about our range of movies and TV series and expect a long way to go in increased investment and growth in all of our existing content categories, but since we’ve been nearly a decade into our entry-level programming, we think it’s time It is right to learn more about how our members value games. ”

The immediate effects are evident here. Netflix is ​​creating something unseen on the internet. Many have tried but failed the endeavor, so it cannot be underestimated that if they crack it, it will be huge. Not only is this a boon for investors, but it’s also a hit with other streamers who need to find their limits as well.

While we don’t know how the games will be delivered, it appears to be a mix of streaming and mailing. Though streaming seems like the most obvious and innovative of them all. Borrowing games at the touch of a button is changing the way the public can access certain titles. And creating your own games on the platform offers many opportunities for storytellers to get involved.

We will keep you informed about further developments.

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