Netflix, An Introductory Music by Hans Zimmer for Movies

Netflix has replaced the classic ‘ta-dum’ entrance sound with a new entrance soundtrack by Hans Zimmer for its movies to be screened in movie theaters. The change will not affect the movies published on the platform.

Netflix, the world’s most popular online movie and video streaming platform, broadcasts most of its original productions exclusively on the platform, but also some ‘special’ productions such as The Irishman, Rome, in movie theaters to be nominated for Oscar awards.

Netflix’s iconic ‘ta-dum’ entrance sound, which is familiar to almost everyone, gives its place to a new entrance music in movie theaters. Netflix, which replaced the white-background entrance animation with a longer animation last year, is now replacing the iconic “ta-dum” sound with an introductory music by Hans Zimmer.

Hans Zimmer’s new introductory music for Netflix

Because Netflix’s “ta-dum” input sound has been used for many years, Hans Zimmer’s composition may not seem like a very pleasant introductory music at first. However, Netflix will only use this intro soundtrack for the long entrance animation of movies. When we look at it from this perspective, we can say that a long entrance sound with a predominance of string instruments suits the cinema better than a short ‘ta-dum’ sound. However, this interpretation can vary from person to person.

If you are watching Netflix movies online only on the platform, we can say that the input sound change will not mean much for you. Because Netflix will continue to use the classic ‘ta-dum’ sound in the movies it broadcasts on the platform. In your opinion, you can indicate in the comments whether Netflix’s new entrance music or the classic ‘ta-dum’ sound is better.

Netflix’s iconic ‘ta-dum’ input sound

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