Negative Rate On Bitcoin Exchanges Promised

According to data from Bitcoin exchanges such as Binance, BitMEX and OKEx, the Bitcoin funding rate is in the negative zone. The important names of the market are hopefully waiting for the rise of Bitcoin, which supports $ 13,000.

Despite its decline, Bitcoin managed to hold on to $ 13,000 and began to consolidate above this level. The BTC price is currently over $ 13,600. While this stable performance of Bitcoin strengthens the hand of the bulls, Bitcoin funding rates in leading futures exchanges are also positioned in the negative region.

BTC funding rate negative across many exchanges

Bitcoin funding rates in the most important crypto currency exchanges are in the negative zone. According to ByBt, funding rates in Bitcoin futures are falling on the market’s largest exchanges, Binance, BitMEX and OKEx.

Analyst Nick Chong commented on the possible consequences of this situation. According to Chong, the decline in funding rates to the investor; It can encourage the closing of put options to avoid paying the funding rate of call options. This is seen as a development that will have positive results on the Bitcoin front.

The important players of the market are very hopeful

Cryptocurrency analysts are expecting a rise for BTC due to a macro-scale break, taking into account Bitcoin consolidating $ 13,000 as support. Real Vision CEO and the famous name of Wall Street, Raoul Pal, made statements that the answer from the markets when looking at all market conditions is Bitcoin and expressed his belief in the leader coin.


Tyler Winklevoss, the founder of the Gemini exchange and one of the Bitcoin billionaire Winlevoss brothers, made parallel statements to Pal.

“I think we will see a record price for Bitcoin before 2020 ends. Although the price has risen from $ 10,000 to almost $ 14,000 in less than a month, the real boom hasn’t happened yet. Bulls will start to run when we start to see 3 – 5 thousand jumps in price.

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