NASA inspires kids with new free space-themed coloring pages

In addition to its various space and Earth science missions, NASA has focused on inspiring the next generation of kids by getting them interested in science. These initiatives have come in many forms, the latest being the release of several color and activity pages designed specifically for young kids. The pages are free for anyone to download and print.

NASA’s efforts on inspiring youth include its “NASA Kids’ Club,” which offers activities for various age groups that can be done at home, as well as online games like “Roving on Mars” and “Jumbled Jets.” That dedicated kid’s hub also includes storybooks about space and science available to download as PDFs, a “clubhouse,” and more.

One of its latest additions comes from the Langley Research Center in Virginia, one of NASA’s space exploration centers. The Center developed and released the newest batch of crafts and coloring pages targeting young kids, something parents can print out and use as part of their home education efforts during the pandemic or beyond.

This release falls under the “NASA@Home” initiative, which targets kids in the elementary school years and beyond. Coloring pages include an astronaut and lunar rover, large earth-moving machinery on what appears to be the Moon, an illustration of the Space Launch System, as well as the Mars Viking Lander and more.

The coloring pages are accompanied by a new video that teaches kids how to draw a simple Moon scene featuring a couple of astronauts and a lunar landing vehicle. Parents can find more activities by visiting the NASA@Home page, which also features NASA STEM resources for students, Science at Home, coloring pages on other subjects, behind-the-scenes looks at working in labs and various technologies, and more.

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