Mysterious metal monolith found in the US desert

The universe is full of mysteries, one of the most recent being radio waves from space picked up by scientists, but now we have a new puzzle that involves something that is present on our planet: a metal monolith that was found in the Utah desert, in the United States.

The finding was made by the Utah Department of Public Security during a routine desert mission that took place on November 18 when they were working together with the Wildlife Resources Division to monitor the movement of wild sheep.

The description found in the Department of Public Security report is as follows:

“A metal monolith was found on the ground in a remote area with red rocks.”

Check out the video showing the structure:

There is no inscription that indicates who or what placed this structure on the site, even because this is illegal. In the USA it is against the law to install something like this in an area of ​​public land that is administered by the Federal Government without prior authorization.

So far most speculations point out that the object may be a mysterious work of art, while other groups point to something of extraterrestrial origin, which is very unlikely. In any case, it is impossible to stop associating the object with the monolith presented in “2001: A Space Odyssey”, a 1968 film by Stanley Kubrick.

Bret Hutchings, pilot of the aircraft that found the object, says the structure is over 3 meters high and appears to have been planted in the ground. The creation has already gone viral on the internet, where a Reddit user even compared it to some works of art by John McCracken, who did not comment on it.

So far the structure remains in place while the Utah Department of Public Security carries out further investigations.

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